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There are a lot of photo editing apps available on the internet and choosing the best one is not an easy task. It is important to keep in mind your needs and find the app that will suit them.

When it comes to free photo editor apps, there are many options to choose from. These apps have become more and more popular in recent years with the rise of smartphones.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best free photo editing apps for Android and iPhone. These are all available on the Google Play Store and App Store respectively.

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We have enlisted the Top 10 best free apps for photo editing, which will be helpful for novice users as well as professionals. All these apps are free to download and use.

#1. Pixlr - Best Photo Editing App for Beginners

YouCam Perfect - Best Editing Photo

If you want an online photo editor that doesn't require signing up for an account, Pixlr might work better for you (although you can register if you want).  The tool has various free features;  If you want to edit your photos, you'll probably use Pixlr Editor.

When using the free version of Pixlr, you can easily resize your photos without too much hassle.  This tool lets you remove blemishes and other unwanted subjects from your image, as well as change colors where you feel the need.

Pixlr lets you blur the parts of your photo you want, creating a bokeh effect and more

#2. YouCam Perfect - Best Free Photo Editor App for Selfies

. YouCam Perfect - Best Free Photo Editor App for Selfies

YouCam Perfect is the best selfie photo editor and beauty camera app with over 800M downloads and counting on Play Store. Download YouCam Perfect for all the photo editing tools and beauty camera you need - face retouch, photo effects, Background remover, camera filters, amazing collages, fonts, stickers, frames, Magic Objects remover animated effects and more. The best part is? This is a free app.

You can also Save photos to your cloud backup and access them on multiple devices. It has amazing background remover and magic bg objects remover. Take pics and sweet selfies and get creative with YouCam Perfect to turn your photos into masterpieces.

#3. Snapseed - Photo Editor

Snapseed - Photo Editor  best for Beginners

Snapseed is a photo editing app that was developed by Nik Software which was acquired by Google. It has been in the market since 2011 and the current version is 2.20. Snapseed is known for its powerful, yet easy-to-use filters and tools that can be used to enhance photos.

The app comes with a set of filters as well as other features such as cropping, rotating, straightening, adjusting levels of brightness and contrast, and adding borders or frames to the pictures. The latest update added some new features such as “selective brush” that allows users to apply edits only on specific parts of the image.

#4. Picsart - Best Photo & Video Editing App

Picsart - Best Photo & Video Editing App

PicsArt is a multimedia editing tool that allows you to edit your photos in a variety of ways: apply masks, create collages, create frames and borders, add stickers, add text, rotate images, adjust colors, And much more.

 A special mention deserves the "magical effects" that allow you to apply filters similar to those on Instagram. You have several options to add finishing touches to the photo, such as B. Comic, Neon, Paper, Old Paper, Cream, Pop Art 2, Soft Matte, etc.

 These photos edited on PicsArt can be shared directly on various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, Foursquare or Tumblr.

PicsArt-Estudio is a great photo editor. The best complement to most of the filters and edits you can add to your photos is their best identifier.

#5. Canva - Best for Graphic Design

Canva - Best for Graphic Design

Time-saving image editing tools make our wonderful use interface and powerful, exquisite images with one click modification tools. Autocucos add your image to the depth of the field immediately. Adjust the focal point of your photo so you easily push background and forward. The perfect solution of the image for any form or size product smartphone.

Select from our wide library of 8K + customizable motives for technology, print, packaging, apparel, and home and lifestyle products. 

Let's stand in your picture, product, or Selfie seconds after removing the background. Easily remove unwanted items on the image background with Canada Pro.

#6. Prisma - Art Photo Editor

Prisma - Art Photo Editor

Prisma is a photo editing app that allows you to apply amazing filters to any photo. These filters are more than just an extra layer of color or black and white. You'll have more than a dozen to choose from, and almost all of them completely change the way your photos look.

All available filters are displayed at the bottom of your screen. When you click on one of them, you'll have to wait a few seconds for the changes to take place. Sometimes, the wait takes more than 10-15 seconds due to the fact that more often than not, the changes to your photos are quite drastic. Despite the wait time, you will find that the end results are amazing and really worth it.

Once you've applied your photos with filters, you can easily save them to your device's memory, or share the photo directly on social networks. In your settings options within Prisma, you'll also be able to disable the watermark that's there by default.

Prisma is an amazing and eye-catching photo filter app. Not only does it have a large amount of filters, but it also has all the quality needed to produce truly stunning results.

#7.Afterlight - Best Straight Forward Image Editor

Afterlight - Best Straight Forward Image Editor

At Afterlight, we're passionate about high-quality filters, real film textures, and precision editing tools, which is why we built the most comprehensive and easy-to-use photo editor for mobile. Get Afterlight now for free!

With full access to our ever-growing library of filters created by photographers, you'll never need an app to find the perfect pair for your photos again.

Precisely edit your photos with enhanced adjustment tools controlled by touch gestures, as well as advanced curves, selective hue/saturation/brightness, overlays/gradients, green and more.

Add the finishing touches to your photos with true 35mm film, natural dust textures and changing RBG channels using the color shift tool, a chroma tool inspired by one-way film effects and realistic light leaks created by double exposures.

Before exporting your final edit, add a frame or apply a quick movie frame, and use a preset color or your own image as a background.

Over 120 handpicked fonts and over 150 original designs we've created! Easily Edit each layer of image with drop shadows, unlimited color options, masking, and non-destructive layer management etc...

#8. YouCam Makeup - Selfie Editor

YouCam Makeup - Selfie Editor best Editing

Take and edit photos with YouCam Makeup, a virtual face changer and selfie retouching app. Try the best beauty camera makeup filters from top beauty brands. Color your hair with our hair color changer for the most realistic virtual hair color and hair salon experience. Full face retouching tool for eyes, nose, plump lips, plus teeth whitening, airbrush skin, smooth skin, adjust your selfie face in seconds.

Best makeup editor for you - beauty camera for cosplay makeup, dress makeup, eyeliner, eyelashes, contour, blush, eyebrows, eye shape retouch for big eyes, change eye color Try contact lenses, change face shape, try facials and more!

#9. InShot Photo Editor Pro

InShot Photo Editor Pro

Enshot Photo Editor Pro is a pretty nice and decent editor. It's a unique style editor with thousands of things like filters, stickers and other effects. This app has all the effects of store layout and you can choose the apps you want to download. Of course, some of them are only available with a Pro subscription, so be prepared for that.

Anyway, it actually restores some images. The app can be used to retouch images, cut out objects from the image, etc. We think the $7.99/year subscription is reasonable enough as long as you use the app independently. In addition, the developer has many other photo and video editing apps on the Play Store.

#10. Adobe Photoshop Camera

Adobe Photoshop Camera- best photo editor

Because of its artificial intelligence, Adobe Photoshop Camera is one of the best photo editing programs that apply special effects and image corrections before or after taking a photo with your phone's camera.

Photoshop's camera uses filters called "lenses" to apply special effects or adjust color, brightness, and sharpness. But what makes the camera special is the use of Adobe Sensei, which automatically detects the type of image (portrait or landscape) and creates masks for important aspects such as faces or the sky. So, for example, sky lenses can change the color of the sky, add or remove clouds, and even add proper reflections in a body of water without affecting other parts of the image. Additionally, some lenses have 'sprites' - smart objects that can be pinched, zoomed and moved around a part of the image detected by Sensei. This allows the placement and resizing of objects within the lens (such as planets or clouds). And some lenses have little animations, like shooting stars or an exploding rocket ship.

The iPad version of Adobe Photoshop has some smart desktop features, such as a modified Edge Brush, which allows you to better define what you want to select and rotate the canvas. Both features are touch-enabled as well.

Adobe promises to regularly add new (all free) lenses, some of them created by famous artists and influencers. Because each lens is versatile (accessed by swiping left or right), you can have hours of photo adventures. PS Camera is a fun app that's basically button shooting, although you can make some adjustments to the effects. As such, it will appeal more to recreational photographers than serious professionals or hobbyists. This app is free and has no premium version.


The best photo editor is the one that is the easiest to use, has all the features that you need and doesn't have any bugs.

A good photo editor will help you take your photos to new heights. It will make them look better and more professional. And it should be easy to use, with all the features that you need without any bugs.


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